Beaches Lisbon


Find the best beaches in Lisbon

Along with Greece’s Athens, Lisbon is one of the few European capitals to benefit from a good selection of beaches right in the city area. Whether you want sheltered small coves or dune-covered sandy areas, Lisbon beaches have something to offer for every visitor.


2705 Sintra, Portugal
This beautiful crescent of sand has been voted among the best beaches in all of Europe. This secluded, much photographed spot on the edge of the North Atlantic is accessible by car only, at about a 45 minute drive from Lisbon. Wedged between tall cliffs, it’s the perfect place to come and relax before the clean, blue waters.


2775 Cascais, Portugal
At just 20km from the city center, this popular spot is the most easily accessible Lisbon beach. Its regular waves attract windsurfers and bodysurfers, but it’s also a great place to simply stretch out on the sand and enjoy the plentiful sunshine. You can get here by car in 25 minutes, or by train on the Lisbon-Cascais line.


2765 Cascais, Portugal
Featuring Europe’s largest casino – which was the inspiration for the James Bond movie Casino Royale – the resort town of Estoril has long been a cosmopolitan playground attracting many rich and famous people from all over the world. Its beach, Tamariz, is a picturesque spot lined with bars and restaurants, overlooked by a castle owned by Monaco’s royal family. Take a trip here on the scenic coastal railway line, or make the short 20 minute drive to see this top Lisbon beach.

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