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Hiring a car in the Portuguese capital could not be simpler: you can pick up your Lisbon car rental directly from the arrivals hall at the airport. Big international names such as Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and National all have rental desks here, as well as local companies like A Castanheira and Auto Jardim. Prices start at around €60-70 per day for a small car.

Once you have your Lisbon car rental, you can experience the city your own way. Driving here is much the same as at home – traffic uses the right hand side of the road, for example. In Lisbon there are three principal speed limits: 50 km/h within urban areas; 90km/h in rural areas; and 120km/h on motorways. Stiff fines are levied on an exponential scale on those that break these limits, so pay attention to your speed at all times. Most other common traffic offences are subject to fines as well, including a maximum fine of €600 for using your mobile phone while driving.

On-street parking in central Lisbon is virtually non-existent, thanks to the city’s many narrow, winding streets. There are however a large number of multi-storey car parks available around Lisbon, and most charge very reasonable fees for overnight parking if you do not already have a space at your hotel.

One great way to get use out of your vehicle is to take a day trip out of the city. Many Lisbon beaches and golf courses are located right on the periphery of the capital, so you won’t have to drive for more than an hour to enjoy them.


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